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‘Gas Janitor‘ - VED COMPUTECH

is a brand Promoted by Ved Computech Pvt. Ltd. We are manufacture of international standard gas leak detectors and control panels. Our aim is to secure each life by latest technologies. In the field of safety and security products company has taken the responsibility of gas leak detection and alarm system by using Hi- Tech superior technologies. Our products prove to be a complete safety solution for gas Leak problems. We fabricate our products after much research work so that these are innovative and in compliance with latest technologies.

We also provides multiple services related security equipment for the proper maintenance and servicing of the products.

We provide our services to secure with different industries :

1. Automobile Industry

2. Kitchens

3. Laboratories

4. Refineries

5. Factories

6. Buildings

7. Hospitals

8. Hotels

Basic Information :

Company Name : Ved Computech Pvt. Ltd.

Business Type : Supplier

Industry : Gas Leak Detection System